Please remember it is very important to go through the warm up program before, and cool down after, by stretching. Use these weeks wisely, and the following program will allow you to complete the season injury free and maintain your strength for the entire season.


* 3-5 Minute cardiovascular warm-up (bike, treadmill or stair master) DAILY
* 7-12 Minute overall flexibility (stretching see attached) DAILY
* 3 minute jump rope (30 seconds each day) DAILY
a. Both feet
b. Right foot only
c. Left foot
d. Side to side
e. Front to back
f. Box

* Jogging, sprinting and power walking 1 mile Daily
* 3 minutes of flexibility (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Low Back) Three days a week.
* Jog, run, sprint outdoors on a Football Field, Three days a week for twenty to thirty minutes.


The purpose of this program is to maintain and increase the elasticity of the muscles involved. In so doing it will help prevent injury and create greater athletic performance.

The following exercises are to be done before and after all practices and workouts. It is also suggested that this program be followed in the morning and evening to further increase your flexibility.

Each exercise will be done twice and held for ten (10) seconds. In the post- practice workout phase, each exercise will be done once and held for fifteen (15) seconds.


1. Toe Touches-Start in the standing position with a slight bend in the knees, reach down as far as possible to the point of pain. At this point, back off and hold for ten seconds and then release. Repeat.
2. Leg In-Sit on the floor with the right leg extended and the left leg bent, with the sole of the foot placed against the inner thigh of the extended leg. Lean forward and reach as far as possible down the extended leg, keeping this leg flat to the ground. Hold on to the foot or leg for ten seconds. Repeat. Switch leg positions and repeat.
3. "V" Stretch- While seated extend both legs out as far as possible while keeping the legs flat against the ground. Starting at the right leg lean forward as far as possible until you feel pain, release slightly and hold for ten seconds. Repeat. Move to the center. Grab both legs and lean forward to the point where there is discomfort, release slightly and hold for ten seconds. Repeat. Move to the left leg, lean forward as far a possible and repeat above.
4. Back Stretch- In a lying position bring your right leg to your chest in a bent position Using both hands grab the leg behind the knee and bring is s close to your chest as possible. The left leg should remain flat on the ground. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Switch legs and hold for ten seconds. Release. Bring both legs to your chest. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat.
5. Leg Up- In a sitting position, with the leg bent at a 90 degree angle, bring the right leg leg up by taking the right arm and hand under the lower leg, grabbing the leg and bringing it upwards as high as possible. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat. Switch legs. Hold for ten seconds. Release.
6. Calf Stretch- In a push up position extend the right leg back as straight as possible. Place the left leg over the right. Push the right heel down as far as possible. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat. Switch legs. Repeat above.
7. Quad Stretch-In a standing position lift the right leg behind you at the knee and grabbing the foot, pull the heel to the buttock feeling a stretch to the big muscle of the thigh. Hold the leg in this position while maintaining your balance. Keep the knees as close as possible to each other. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat. Switch legs and repeat.
8. Groin/Hip Flexor Stretch- In a standing position, place your left foot forward and the right foot in line with the left. Place the right foot sideways (toes pointing outward) and lean on the inside edge of the foot. The two feet should be separated approximately two feet apart. Bend the left leg slightly at the knee and lean into the left leg . Hold for ten seconds. Rotate the rear (right) foot to the toes. Front knee remains slightly bent. Lean easily into the rear leg. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Switch legs. Hold. Repeat.
9. Low Back Rotation Stretch- Lie on your back and pull the right knee to your cheek with your right hand. Take your left hand and place it on the outside of the right knee, troll your trunk over onto the left hip with the left knee extended. Take your right arm and extend to shoulder height. Turn your head to the right toward your outstretched arm. Gently press the right knee down toward the floor with the left hand. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat. Release. Switch legs and repeat.
10. Partner Stretch- Place both hands behind your head fingers interlocked. Your Partner pulls gently at the elbows and holds for ten seconds. Repeat. Switch positions. Hold. Release. Repeat.
11. Iliotibial Band Stretch- To stretch the right IT Band while standing, place your left foot crossing your right foot and press your right hip out. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat. Switch legs and repeat.
12. Shoulder Extension Stretch- Place your right hand behind your head with the palm facing downward. Take your left hand and grab your right elbow and pull gently but firmly. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat. Switch arms. Repeat
13. Forearm and Wrist Stretch- Placing the arm out straight, use the opposite hand to pull the fingers and hand back stretching the underside of the forearm. Reverse the position of the fingers and hand, placing them downward, push with the opposite hand to stretch out the upper part of the wrist and forearm. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Switch. Repeat .
14. Shoulder Posterior Stretch- Place your right arm across your chest just below chin level. Take the opposite hand and grab the right elbow, gently pull the arm until you feel a stretch in the shoulder. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat. Switch arms. Repeat.
15. Neck Flexibility- Standing straight, your shoulders level and chin horizontal to the floor. Turn your chin as far as possible to the left using your left hand to increase the stretch. Hold for ten seconds. Release. Repeat. Switch sides. Repeat.


The game of football is about strength, speed, quickness, flexibility and agility. Each area of the game, broken down into offense, defense or special teams, has different needs; the constants are flexibility and strength.

2. Agility drills- 2 sets of each drill to start, progressing to 5 sets.
* Figure 8's- spacing at 3 yard intervals
* Sprints-20, 30, 40, 50 yds.
* Speed Rope- 15-45 sec. Intervals, progressive
* High knees- 20, 30, 40, 50 yds.
* Shuttle Runs/Indian Runs- around the entire field
* Butt Kick Runs- 20, 30, 40, 50 yds.
* Uphill Runs/Bleachers
* Downhill Runs/Bleachers
* Resistive Band Runs- determined by length of band, until no progressive movement is noticed.

3. Endurance Running.
4. Deep Water Running An excellent activity to promote speed and endurance training while alleviating stress to the joints. The exercises of jogging, running and sprinting can be accomplished with the use of the Aqua Jogger to maintain buoyancy.



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