We would like to welcome all participants and parents to the 2006 football season.   We hope that this season will be exciting and rewarding for all those involved.  The YFBUSA program is beginning its second season and continues to build a strong tradition for excellence and success.

Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of football, the importance of teamwork, and most of all to have fun.   The coaches will stress self-discipline, concentration, friendship, leadership, and good sportsmanship.

Safety is our primary concern.   Many of the exercises, drills and team rules are there to ensure your player is physically and mentally fit for football.   Each player is unique and will develop at their own pace.   We hope that this season will help develop new skills and confidence for each player who participates in the YFBUSA program.

Youth Football USA Mission Statement

The goal of the YFBUSA program is to develop and promote the ideals of responsibility, hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork and fellowship within a safe and positive environment.  The individual growth of our community's children is enhanced through the spirit of competition, discipline and fair play.  These goals will be accomplished by providing a structured program designed to educate both participants and parents in all aspects of football.   The YFBUSA program is committed to providing a program that maintains the highest standards and guarantees a fun, positive experience for everyone involved.

Academic Goals

The YFBUSA program supports the critical role that academics play in the development of our student/athletes and recognizes the need to perform in the classroom as well as on the field.   It is never the desire of the YFBUSA program to have football take precedence over school requirements.   If a conflict should arise, please notify your coach immediately.   We would ask that parents support this effort in order to encourage academic success for every player.


The participants of the YFBUSA program are expected to abide by a code of conduct, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Respect of volunteer coaches, team members, opponents, officials and other representatives involved with the YFBUSA program.
  2. Participants will take proper care of the equipment that is issued to them to use. Immediately notify a coach if the equipment becomes damaged.   Particular attention must be given to the care of helmets.   Never sit on your helmet and do not intentionally scrape or scar your helmet.
  3. Participants must notify their coach in advanced if a practice is going to be missed.   No exceptions!
  4. Good sportsmanship is mandatory.   No vulgar language, tantrums, displays of anger or fighting will be tolerated.   Any such actions will result in disciplinary measures and may include suspension from the team.
  5. As a member of the YFBUSA program you represent yourself and your teammates on and off the field. Whether in victory or defeat you will conduct yourself with pride and poise.
  6. Always be willing to help your coach or teammate when required



The level of support given to a participant by the parents will have a measured impact as to the success of each player. To better understand the parent's role and involvement in the program, we have developed the following guidelines and recommendations:

  • Parents and visitors at practices and games must stay in designated areas reserved for the spectators. Sideline areas on game day and the practice fields are off limits unless the parent has been asked to be involved in some aspect of the practice or game.

  • Parents are encouraged to cheer for their teams from the stands with enthusiasm but should never yell obscenities or derogatory remarks aimed at the opponents or conduct themselves in an offensive manner. As a result of such action, a team can be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct and the fan may be removed from the grounds.

  • A large number of people are needed to help the program run smoothly. Each parent is asked to volunteer a portion of his or her time during the season to help make the program run efficiently.

  • It is the parent's responsibility to provide transportation to and from practice and games.

  • If a participant's grades are unsatisfactory or homework starts to become a problem, the parent should notify the head coach and together determine the best course of action to be taken.

  • Parents should always maintain a cooperative attitude towards coaches, participants, officials and board members.   Remember, all are volunteers.


Before a volunteer can be a coach with YFBUSA, they must attend a mandatory coaching certification course, pass a criminal background check conducted through the Utah State Patrol, as well as read and sign an agreement with the following:

A Coach with YFBUSA will:

•  Provide a positive attitude and demonstrate principles of fair play and sportsmanship;

•  Place the emotional and physical well being of the players ahead of the desire to win;

•  Treat each player as an individual, recognizing the vast range of emotional and physical development of players at a given age of play;

•  Always teach the techniques of the game in such a way as to provide a safe playing situation for the players;

•  Be familiar with basic first aid principles;

•  Organize my practices in such a way as to make sure they are fun and challenging for all of my players;

•  Familiarize myself with the rules of the game and the rules and policies of the League;

•  Use coaching techniques that are appropriate at the skill level and the players that I coach.

•  Will remember that to coach a youth football team and that the game is for youth players and not adults.

Coaches Serving as a Volunteer Coach in YFBUSA:

•  Duties as a coach include volunteering to assist in franchise duties such as equipment and uniform maintenance, fundraising, and general administration;

•  May be required to attend league and franchise training sessions that are designed to improve my coaching skills and to familiarize me with the latest coaching techniques and safety considerations;

•  Will always stress the success of the YFBUSA program and be positive in my suggestions and criticisms;

• Will maintain contact with the parents/guardians of my players, be responsible for equipment issue and return and I will maintain all necessary paperwork in a proper and professional manner;

• Will not attempt to represent the position of YFBUSA on any subject matter to players, parents or other leagues without the express consent of the YFBUSA Board of Directors.

Please remember, we are not professional coaches. We can only do our best and we view coaching as a huge responsibility. Your coaches will work hard to:

•  Get the players in shape.

•  Understand each player's potential.

•  Work on individual skills for each position.

•  Work on team execution of plays.

•  Motivate, communicate, lead.

Coaches must have the freedom to develop four things in their athletes: pride, poise, and self-confidence. We use the following steps to instruct the game of football.

    1. Talk it!   Explain what is required.
    2. Walk it!   Demonstrate the technique.
    3. Run it! Have the player perform the technique at full speed.
    4. Rep it!   Have the player perform the technique over and over.


Practices will begin on August 8th. The following week on August 15 th full contact practices will begin at a specified field by your coach.   Practices will be held Monday through Friday at a specified time by your coach. Practices will not exceed 2 hours, including water breaks. After Labor Day weekend, practices will be held three days a week. In order to participate each player must have the following completed and turned in to the franchise:

      •  An Athletic Emergency Information/Authorization form.
      •  Proof of date of birth.
      •  Registration fees must be paid in full or other arrangements with the Board President must be made prior to the beginning of practice.

            Missed Practices - In the event you cannot be at a practice, it is mandatory that one of the coaches be notified prior to practice.   Coaches will determine what, if any, actions will be taken for missing practices.   Some actions may be:

•  Prohibit the participant from starting the next game.

•  Limit the player's playing time to less than the minimum 10 plays required by the league (coordinated with the parent, player, and league prior to the game).

•  Player attends but is not allowed to play in the game (extreme cases only).

Football Dress Code - Coaches will determine what uniform/equipment items will be needed at practice.   Game uniforms should not be used during practice and vice versa.   Mouthguards are required at all times .   Approved shoes must be worn--shoes cannot have removable cleats.   Players should bring a full water bottle to each practice and game.

Practice Fields - The practice field is reserved for coaches, participants and instructors only.   It is asked that parents, friends and siblings remain off the practice field unless specifically requested to help by a coach.   Practice time is limited, so it is important that coaches have the opportunity to make the best use of the time allotted.   If you must speak to a coach, please contact them before or after practice.   Siblings should not be left at the field without adult supervision and YFBUSA cannot assume responsibility for their safety.

Family Pets - Family pets, leashed or not, should be left at home and are not allowed at the practice fields or at games. This is a safety issue and we ask for your cooperation.

Equipment - The association will provide all necessary football equipment, with the exception of shoes or other personal type pads.   The cost of this equipment is over $300 per player.   Upon return of the equipment at the end of the season an inventory will be taken and any missing equipment will be paid for at that time. Parents will also be asked to pay for any misused or broken equipment showing damage above normal wear. All equipment must be turned-in clean and washed.   Please follow washing instructions carefully .


Team Size - Each football squad is limited to (29) players.   If there are more than (29) players on any given roster by the week prior to the jamboree (usually the Saturday after the third week of practice), it will be necessary to split the team into two teams.   Every effort will be made to divide the teams equally by age and talent.   The coaches will make the decision as to which team a player will be assigned.   The Board President will have the final decision in all cases.

Minimum Play Rule - The league rules require that each certified player play a minimum of ten (10) plays per game.   An official play can include offensive or defensive scrimmage plays or special teams plays such as punts, kick-offs, etc.   It is the intent of each coach and the YFBUSA to provide as much playing time as possible for each participant.   Playing time is generally based on the player's ability to make a positive contribution to the teams' efforts.   The league allows coaches to play participants less than the ten plays for safety or disciplinary reasons.   The coach is required to inform the player and his parents of this decision and give the reasons why.   A form is filled out and submitted to the league official prior to the game.

Game Day - This is what we have all worked for and game day is very exciting. Coaches will determine how much time before the scheduled game time each player needs to arrive at the game site.   The coaches work very hard on determining their game plan and substitution schedules prior to the game.   If you are going to miss a game or will be late, notify your coach as soon as possible.  

Fundraising - The Fundraiser will be area specific and available on June 25th .

Smoking - Many of the athletic venues we will be using are designated "Tobacco Free Environments."   Therefore, it is asked that no one smokes on or around any practice field or game site at which we may participate.

Drug & Alcohol Use - Drug and alcohol use is strictly forbidden at games, practices and other associated events and will not be tolerated.   Anyone involved in such activities will be asked to leave.

Injuries - Any football related injury, regardless of outward appearances, is taken seriously and will be addressed as such.   Safety is our primary concern and extra care will be taken in dealing with any reported injury.   We would also encourage participants to make known any injury to his/her coach immediately upon occurrence.   Participants should not hide injuries in order to facilitate more playing time.   Any player sustaining an injury which requires a doctor's care will be required to provide a medical release from that doctor prior to further participation in games or practices.

Complaints - Please contact your team's coach first and try to resolve the issue.   If you cannot resolve it at the level, the complaint must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors.   The complainant may appear at the next regular scheduled Board meeting if he/she wishes to do so.   A written response will be forwarded after the next regular board meeting.

Communications are extremely important to the success of any organization.   As the 2006 season progresses, you may at one time or another have questions in regards to a variety of different issues. Please feel free to contact a Board Member or Coach and every effort will be made to provide you with the information you need.   If you have questions, comments or suggestions that cannot be handled by your coach, please submit them to the Board. You may do visiting the Presidency section of this website and contacting your area presidents.


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